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Cockpit 163

  • Hide Docker storage pool reset button when it cannot work properly
  • Drop “Transfer data asynchronously” VDO option on Storage page
  • Update jQuery to version 3.3.1

Cockpit 162

  • Show pod name and disks of VMs running in Kubernetes
  • Tighten up the default Content-Security-Policy
  • Drop cockpit-subscriptions and cockpit-integration-tests on Fedora

Cockpit 161

  • New VMs can be created on Machines page
  • VMs running in Kubernetes can now be deleted
  • Improve LVM volume resizing
  • Add new Hardware Information page
  • Rename cockpit-ovirt package to cockpit-machines-ovirt
  • Stop advertising and supporting cockpit-bundled jQuery library

Cockpit 160

  • Add kubevirt Virtual Machines overview
  • Redesign package list on Software Updates page and show RHEL Errata
  • AppStream handling on Apps page
  • Change CPU graphs to use “100%” for a fully loaded multi-processor system
  • Show storage, network, and other numbers with 3 digits of precision
  • Add an example bastion container

Cockpit 159

  • Configure data deduplication with VDO devices
  • Add serial console to virtual Machines page and redesign the Consoles tab
  • Show more error message details for VM failures on virtual Machines page

Cockpit 158

  • Add check boxes for common NFS mount options
  • Clarify Software Update status if only security updates are available
  • Create self-signed certificates with SubjectAltName

Cockpit 156

  • Redesign main navigation and support mobile browsing
  • Add project homepage links to Apps page
  • Support alternate Kerberos keytabs
  • Maintain an /etc/issue(5) file with current Cockpit status
  • Use event-driven refresh of oVirt virtual machine data instead of polling

Cockpit 155

  • NFS client support
  • Add “Maintenance” switch for oVirt hosts
  • Fix Terminal rendering issues in Chrome
  • Improve Ctrl+W behaviour in the Terminal
  • Support the upcoming OpenShift 3.7 release

Cockpit 152

  • Add Applications page
  • Add automatic update configuration for dnf to Software Updates
  • Fix cockpit-bridge crash if /etc/os-release does not exist

Cockpit 151

  • Support loading SSH keys from arbitrary paths
  • Support X-Forwarded-Proto HTTP header for Kubernetes
  • Fix Kubernetes connection hangs