Cockpit 180

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 180.

Move to ssh SHA256 fingerprints

Until version 179, Cockpit has shown MD5 based SSH host key fingerprints when connecting to unknown remote machines.

The “ssh” command line program hasn’t shown MD5 fingerprints in a long time, but uses SHA1 and SHA256. MD5 and SHA1 are cryptographically weak, and using them is not allowed when running in FIPS mode.

Cockpit will now show SHA256 fingerprints when available:

ssh SHA256 fingerprints

This feature requires libssh 0.8, so it is only available on more recent operating system releases. MD5 fingerprints are being used on older ones.

Machines: Show error messages in the correct place

If there is an error with applying changes to a VM’s networking configuration, the error message is now shown in the correct (“Networking”) tab:

Detach disk

Previously it was only shown in the “Overview” tab, and thus not immediately visible.

Thanks to Katerina Koukiou for this improvement!

Try it out

Cockpit 180 is available now: