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Category: Release

Cockpit 231

  • Replace system’s graph page with a completely new USE method page
  • Machines: Reimplement the design of the main VMs list
  • Logging of remote IP addresses

Cockpit 230

  • Storage: List entries from /etc/crypttab that are still locked

Cockpit 228

  • Accounts: Allow setting weak passwords
  • Changes to remote host logins
  • Machines: Add support for reverting to and deleting VM snapshots
  • Drop cockpit-docker code

Cockpit 225 and Cockpit Podman 21

  • Machines: Add support for VM snapshots
  • Developer API: Launch and reattach to a long-running process
  • Podman: Support for pod groups
  • Podman: Support checkpoint and restore
  • Podman: Registry selection in “download image” dialog
  • Podman: Selected tag removal during deletion