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Category: Release

Cockpit 299

  • Kdump: Show location of kdump to verify the successful configuration test
  • Storage: Support for no-overprovisioning with Stratis
  • Storage: Cockpit can now add caches to encrypted Stratis pools

Cockpit 297

  • Users: Support for changing user shells
  • Use the Python bridge in Fedora 38 and CentOS Stream 9
  • Podman: Show the time of the latest container checkpoint

Cockpit 291

  • Update to PatternFly 5 alpha
  • Machines: VM creation supports raw disk format
  • Machines: Redesign virtual machine CPU configuration

Cockpit 290

  • webserver: Disallow direct URL logins with LoginTo=false
  • Machines: Indicate need for shutdown
  • Machines: Delete storage file when detaching disk

Cockpit 289

  • Metrics: Indicate high usage and use colorblind-friendly colors
  • Accounts: Improve password validation
  • Machines: Show an alert when virtualization is disabled in BIOS/EFI
  • Podman: Custom healthcheck actions
  • Podman: Container list can be sorted