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Category: Release

Cockpit 254

  • Overview: Move last login to Health Card
  • Users: Login history
  • Login: Arch Linux Branding
  • Webserver: Restrict frame embedding to same origin
  • Machines: Support adding and removing host devices

Cockpit 252

  • Webserver: Drop remotectl utility
  • Shell: Show package versions in ‘About web console’ modal
  • Storage: Encryption is presented as a property of a filesystem

Cockpit 250

  • Shell: Improve admin switcher and session menu
  • Software Updates: Introduce basic kpatch support
  • Machines: Migration of a virtual machine

Cockpit 248

  • Metrics: Install missing packages
  • PAM: Deprecate pam_cockpit_cert module
  • Machines: Bug fixes and improvements
  • OSTree: Bump epoch to 1
  • All: Git branches are now main

Cockpit 245

  • Metrics: New PCP configuration dialog
  • Storage: Show both SHA256 and SHA1 Tang fingerprints
  • Release: No more cockpit-cache tarball
  • cockpit-podman: Added Korean translation