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Category: Release

Cockpit 172

  • System: Offer installation of PCP
  • Software Updates: Improve layout in mobile mode
  • Remove ability to drop privileges from navigation bar
  • Introduce flow control for all channels
  • Python 3 support

Cockpit 171

  • Machines: Add virtual CPU configuration
  • Kubernetes: Add KubeVirt pod metrics
  • Docker: Show container volumes
  • Fix broken actions for non-administrators
  • Networking: Handle non-running NetworkManager
  • Accounts: User role improvements
  • Localize times

Cockpit 169

  • Storage: Offer installation of NFS client support
  • System: Request FreeIPA SSL certificate for Cockpit’s web server
  • Services: Show unit relationships
  • Provide motd help about how to access cockpit

Cockpit 166

  • Kubernetes: Add creation of Virtual Machines
  • Realms: Automatically set up Kerberos keytab for Cockpit web server
  • Numbers now get formatted correctly for the selected language

Cockpit 165

  • Storage: Show more details of sessions and services that keep NFS busy
  • Machines: Detect if libvirtd is not running
  • Machines: Show virtual machines that are being created

Cockpit 164

  • Storage: Usability improvements
  • System: Show available package updates and missing registration
  • System: Fix inconsistent tooltips
  • Logs: Change severities
  • Machines: Add error notifications
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Reloading the page in the browser now reloads Cockpit package manifests

Cockpit 163

  • Hide Docker storage pool reset button when it cannot work properly
  • Drop “Transfer data asynchronously” VDO option on Storage page
  • Update jQuery to version 3.3.1

Cockpit 162

  • Show pod name and disks of VMs running in Kubernetes
  • Tighten up the default Content-Security-Policy
  • Drop cockpit-subscriptions and cockpit-integration-tests on Fedora

Cockpit 161

  • New VMs can be created on Machines page
  • VMs running in Kubernetes can now be deleted
  • Improve LVM volume resizing
  • Add new Hardware Information page
  • Rename cockpit-ovirt package to cockpit-machines-ovirt
  • Stop advertising and supporting cockpit-bundled jQuery library