Cockpit 177

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 177.

Storage: Support LUKS v2

Cockpit’s Storage page can now create, lock, unlock, resize, and otherwise configure encrypted devices using the LUKS v2 format. This includes support for LUKS v2 based Network Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE) through Clevis and Tang.

This new version of LUKS offers more flexible unlocking policies, stronger cryptography, and better compatibility with future changes.

Support centrally-managed SSH known hosts

FreeIPA centrally manages the list and fingerprints of known SSH hosts. Cockpit now queries FreeIPA when to avoid fingerprint verification prompts of already-known hosts. This new flow now matches the behavior of the ssh command line client.

SSSD version 1.16.3 or 2.0 is required for improved remote host verification. When using earlier versions of SSSD, Cockpit will still not consider centrally-managed known hosts.

Drop support for Internet Explorer

Opening Cockpit in Microsoft Internet Explorer now shows the “Unsupported Browser” page.

Feature detection is used to determine if a browser is supported. Cockpit now requires additional web technologies introduced in all modern browsers between 2012 - 2015.

When using Windows, please use Edge, the direct successor to Internet Explorer, or any other modern browser to use Cockpit.

Specific minimum versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Opera are listed on the running page of the Cockpit website. Any browser with modern web support released in the past several years should work well with Cockpit.

Try it out

Cockpit 177 is available now: