Easy to use


Cockpit makes GNU/Linux discoverable. See your server in a web browser and perform system tasks with a mouse. It’s easy to start containers, administer storage, configure networks, and inspect logs.

Storage screenshot

Designed & tested

Cockpit is designed with your goals in mind. We also routinely test Cockpit with usability studies to make it work the way you’d expect. As a result, Cockpit gets easier to use all the time.


Cockpit is friendly enough for those new to Linux and useful for seasoned admins too.

Packages included

Installing and running Cockpit is simple. It’s already included in most of the major distributions.


Plays well with others

You can jump between a terminal and the web interface at any time. There’s even an embedded terminal in Cockpit.

Keep using the command line, Ansible, and your other favorite tools and add Cockpit to the mix with no issues.

A service started via Cockpit can be stopped in a terminal. Likewise, if an error occurs in a terminal, it’s also in Cockpit’s journal.

Network screenshot

Sign in like normal

By default, Cockpit uses your system’s normal user logins and privileges. You don’t need to set up any special accounts. Network-wide logins are also supported through single-sign-on and other authentication techniques.


You don’t have to worry about setting up a webserver just to use Cockpit.

Uses existing APIs

Cockpit uses APIs that already exist on the system. It doesn’t reinvent subsystems or add a layer of its own tooling.


Cockpit only uses memory and CPU when active. When inactive, there is no extra load on your server.


System overview

Immediately understand the health of your server. Cockpit’s overview page shows current statistics and the status of your system.


Monitor and administer several servers at the same time. Add new hosts and your main server will look after its buddies.

Dashboard screenshot


Fix pesky problems with ease.

  • Diagnose network issues
  • Spot and react to misbehaving virtual machines
  • Inspect SELinux logs and fix common violations in a click



Around the office or on the road? Use your phone’s browser to check and manage systems.

Learn with Cockpit

Not sure what you can do with your servers? Explore Cockpit’s friendly interface and use features you might not even realized existed!


Have custom tasks? You can write your own modules to plug into Cockpit.

Free & free

Cockpit’s completely free to use and available under the GNU LGPL.