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Cockpit 166

  • Kubernetes: Add creation of Virtual Machines
  • Realms: Automatically set up Kerberos keytab for Cockpit web server
  • Numbers now get formatted correctly for the selected language

Make your Cockpit page easily installable

Since version 152, Cockpit can discover and install packages that addpages to Cockpit. We call them “Applications” and as of now, only twoof them exist: We have Fleet Commander and Cockpit’s own DiagnosticReports in Fedora. You might have seen them on the Applications page:If you want your own page to...

Cockpit 165

  • Storage: Show more details of sessions and services that keep NFS busy
  • Machines: Detect if libvirtd is not running
  • Machines: Show virtual machines that are being created

Cockpit 164

  • Storage: Usability improvements
  • System: Show available package updates and missing registration
  • System: Fix inconsistent tooltips
  • Logs: Change severities
  • Machines: Add error notifications
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Reloading the page in the browser now reloads Cockpit package manifests

Cockpit 163

  • Hide Docker storage pool reset button when it cannot work properly
  • Drop “Transfer data asynchronously” VDO option on Storage page
  • Update jQuery to version 3.3.1

Cockpit 162

  • Show pod name and disks of VMs running in Kubernetes
  • Tighten up the default Content-Security-Policy
  • Drop cockpit-subscriptions and cockpit-integration-tests on Fedora

Cockpit 161

  • New VMs can be created on Machines page
  • VMs running in Kubernetes can now be deleted
  • Improve LVM volume resizing
  • Add new Hardware Information page
  • Rename cockpit-ovirt package to cockpit-machines-ovirt
  • Stop advertising and supporting cockpit-bundled jQuery library

Cockpit 160

  • Add kubevirt Virtual Machines overview
  • Redesign package list on Software Updates page and show RHEL Errata
  • AppStream handling on Apps page
  • Change CPU graphs to use “100%” for a fully loaded multi-processor system
  • Show storage, network, and other numbers with 3 digits of precision
  • Add an example bastion container