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Cockpit 219

  • Logs: Improved filtering
  • Gain or drop administrative access in a running Cockpit session

Scale Cockpit troubleshooting to your computing fleet

You might know Cockpit as a troubleshooting tool for individual machines. But once you discover and test a solution, wouldn’t it be nice to apply it to all your other machines in your data center?Of course, not every problem works this way. You wouldn’t extend LVM with a new hard...

Creating Plugins for the Cockpit User Interface

Note: This post was updated in May 2020 to adjust to reflect Cockpit UI and development best practices.Cockpit is a web-based graphical interface for servers. You can easily add your own custom pages to the navigation.For this tutorial you need to install your distribution’s cockpit packages or build it from...

Cockpit 218

  • Services: Improved accessibility and mobile support
  • Overview: Add uptime information
  • Disable idle timeout by default
  • Support building without polkit

Cockpit 217

  • Overview: More details about Insights rule hits
  • Dialogs: Buttons have been improved
  • Machines: Sending more keys to the console

Cockpit 215

  • Networking: Show additional included ports in firewall zones
  • Docker: Deprecate cockpit-docker in favor of cockpit-podman

Cockpit 213

  • Inline documentation
  • Support for transient virtual machines
  • Virtual machines can now use UEFI
  • Unattended virtual machine installation

Cockpit 211

  • Better support for various TLS certificate formats
  • Switch from Zanata to Weblate
  • Overview layout optimizations
  • Source
  • Fedora 30
  • Fedora 31