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Cockpit 273

  • Metrics: Display CPU temperature
  • Networking: Suggest netmask and gateway addresses
  • Software Updates: Optionally reboot after updating
  • cockpit/ws container: Support modern SSH keys
  • Machines: Download RHEL images

Cockpit 270

  • Services: User-created timer deletion
  • System Diagnostics: Working with diagnostic reports has been improved
  • Machines: Redesign content removal dialogs
  • Podman: Container renaming
  • Podman: Health check support

Cockpit 265

  • Animate new rows in lists
  • Support for X-Forwarded-For
  • Manifest overrides in /etc and ~/.config directories
  • Crypto policies support
  • Metrics: Show busiest CPU core
  • Machines: Disk serial number

Pixel testing update

Since May last year, the Cockpit integration tests contain “pixeltests”, as described here. Let’s have a look atwhat has happened since then.

Mobile layout

Katerina has made it so that all our integration tests run with twosizes of the browser: one time with the old “desktop” size(1920x1280), and again...