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Patternfly V5 Alpha

Cockpit upgraded to PatternFly 5 alpha

PatternFly team has been working with “all hands on deck” on the version 5. That new major release is still scheduled for June. They have conducted two rounds of alpha testing so far and they’ve gone pretty well. Meanwhile PatternFly 4 has been...

Cockpit 291

  • Update to PatternFly 5 alpha
  • Machines: VM creation supports raw disk format
  • Machines: Redesign virtual machine CPU configuration

Cockpit 290

  • webserver: Disallow direct URL logins with LoginTo=false
  • Machines: Indicate need for shutdown
  • Machines: Delete storage file when detaching disk

Cockpit 289

  • Metrics: Indicate high usage and use colorblind-friendly colors
  • Accounts: Improve password validation
  • Machines: Show an alert when virtualization is disabled in BIOS/EFI
  • Podman: Custom healthcheck actions
  • Podman: Container list can be sorted

Moving online discussion to Matrix

Effective today, the Cockpit Project is moving our primary online discussion forum from IRC to Matrix.You can now find us in You can follow the link to login using an existing Matrix account, or easily create a new one using a variety of single sign-on parters (including GitHub and...

Cockpit 288

  • Accounts: Show shell and home directory on detail page
  • Accounts: Custom user ID during account creation
  • Overview: Support additional timeservers with chronyd
  • Metrics: Show longer time span by default
  • Storage: Mounting filesystems at boot time
  • Machines: Create VM based on cloud image and start it later
  • API removal: Remove cockpit.dbus.publish() and .meta()

Cockpit 284

  • Services: Show logs for user units
  • Storage: Set up NBDE
  • Machines: Option to forcefully revert a snapshot
  • Podman: Use container image’s default command

Cockpit 283

  • Services: Create timer to run every minute
  • Machines: Summarize system and user session differences
  • Machines: Virtual watchdog device support