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Cockpit 320

  • pam-ssh-add: Fix insecure killing of session ssh-agent [CVE-2024-6126]
  • Affected systems
  • Impact
  • Fix
  • Workaround
  • Acknowledgments

Cockpit 318

  • Storage: Extra confirmation before deleting non-empty partitions in Anaconda’s Web UI
  • Discontinue Intel 32-bit Support in Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL
  • cockpit.js: Get user primary group ID

Cockpit 314

  • Diagnostic reports: Fix command injection vulnerability with crafted report names
  • Storage: Improvements to read-only encrypted filesystems
  • Ostree: Show OCI container origin

Cockpit 310

  • Storage: Create btrfs filesystems and subvolumes
  • Storage: Improved support for swap
  • Machines: Action to Replace SPICE devices
  • Machines: External snapshot support

Cockpit 306

  • Kdump: Add Ansible/shell automation
  • OSTree: Redesign, with new features
  • Machines: Change “Add disk” default behavior
  • Podman: Delete intermediate images