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Cockpit 261

  • Storage: Unmounting or deleting a busy filesystem is now supported
  • Podman: Add pause/resume to containers
  • Podman: Add option to pull the latest image when creating a new container

Cockpit 260

  • Certificate login validation: Action required on updates
  • Client: Show previously used hosts
  • Client: Support port specification
  • Podman: Create container in pod
  • Podman: Set restart policy
  • Podman: Allow inserting multiple environment variables
  • bridge: Warning on missing cockpit-system package

Cockpit 257

  • Support for reading TLS certificates with any permissions
  • cockpit-ws no longer supports merged certificates
  • Services: Show user-owned systemd units
  • Machines: Support selecting between consoles of the same type
  • Podman: New “Create container” workflow
  • Podman: Prune unused images

Cockpit 254

  • Overview: Move last login to Health Card
  • Users: Login history
  • Login: Arch Linux Branding
  • Webserver: Restrict frame embedding to same origin
  • Machines: Support adding and removing host devices

Cockpit 252

  • Webserver: Drop remotectl utility
  • Shell: Show package versions in ‘About web console’ modal
  • Storage: Encryption is presented as a property of a filesystem

Cockpit 250

  • Shell: Improve admin switcher and session menu
  • Software Updates: Introduce basic kpatch support
  • Machines: Migration of a virtual machine

CI Metrics and Error Budgets

The Cockpit project literally lives and dies together with our integration tests and the CI machinery to run them. We notice this the hard way whenever there is an outage; that’s why we invested quite some efforts to run tests on at least two different clouds, and fall back to...