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Cockpit 283

  • Services: Create timer to run every minute
  • Machines: Summarize system and user session differences
  • Machines: Virtual watchdog device support

Login issues with newer browsers

Quick summary

**Last updated on 2022-11-09**: All major distributions should now have fixed packages.If you’re experiencing an issue logging in to Cockpit with an error about :where():is() support: In most cases, update your servers. Cockpit 277, released last month, has the fix. After updating, if you see the error,...

Cockpit 277

  • Login: Improve password manager compatibility
  • Login: Fix “This web browser is too old” error with upcoming browsers
  • Machines: RHEL offline token management improvements
  • Podman: Show all containers by default

Cockpit 275

  • Shell: Support for alternatives to sudo
  • Podman: Image history
  • Podman: Restart policy available for users with lingering enabled
  • Podman: Display ports, volumes and environment variables

Cockpit 273

  • Metrics: Display CPU temperature
  • Networking: Suggest netmask and gateway addresses
  • Software Updates: Optionally reboot after updating
  • cockpit/ws container: Support modern SSH keys
  • Machines: Download RHEL images