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Cockpit 218

  • Services: Improved accessibility and mobile support
  • Overview: Add uptime information
  • Disable idle timeout by default
  • Support building without polkit

Cockpit 217

  • Overview: More details about Insights rule hits
  • Dialogs: Buttons have been improved
  • Machines: Sending more keys to the console

Cockpit 215

  • Networking: Show additional included ports in firewall zones
  • Docker: Deprecate cockpit-docker in favor of cockpit-podman

Cockpit 213

  • Inline documentation
  • Support for transient virtual machines
  • Virtual machines can now use UEFI
  • Unattended virtual machine installation

Cockpit 211

  • Better support for various TLS certificate formats
  • Switch from Zanata to Weblate
  • Overview layout optimizations
  • Source
  • Fedora 30
  • Fedora 31

Cockpit 210 and Cockpit-podman 12

  • Overview: Add CPU utilization to usage card
  • Dashboard: Support SSH identity unlocking when adding new machines
  • SElinux: Introduce an Ansible automation script
  • Machines: Support “bridge” type network interfaces
  • Machines: Support bus type disk configuration
  • Podman: Configure CPU share for system containers
  • Source
  • Fedora 30
  • Fedora 31

Cockpit 209

  • A new design for the Overview page
  • Session timeouts
  • Support for banners on the login page
  • Support for TLS client certificate authentication
  • Support for Fedora CoreOS
  • List cockpit logins in wtmp/utmp
  • Dropped support for the pam_rhost module

Cockpit 208

  • Storage: Drop “default mount point” concept
  • Machines: Support transient virtual networks and storage pools
  • Machines: Sliders for disk size and memory in VM creation
  • Logs: Improve crash reporting

Cockpit 207

  • Web server: Accept EC certificates
  • Storage: List all software devices in a single panel
  • Redesigned notifications