Cockpit 306

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 306, cockpit-machines 303, cockpit-podman 82, and cockpit-ostree 198.1:

Kdump: Add Ansible/shell automation

The Kdump page can generate an Ansible role or a shell script for replicating the current kdump configuration on other machines.

screenshot of the kdump page with an Ansible button

screenshot of shell automation dialog with the "Ansible" tab selected and the "shell script" tab unselected

OSTree: Redesign, with new features

The OSTree page for software updates has been redesigned and includes several new features.

Update status is now listed in the “Status” card, and details about the current OSTree repository and branch are visible in the “OSTree source” card.

new design of the OSTree page, showing off the status card

Unused deployments and package cache can be removed in using the “clean up” action.

screenshot of the clean up modal dialog, with cache selected and deployments unselected by default

A new “Reset” feature has been added, which can remove layered and overriden packages.

reset modal dialog

Deployments can be pinned to persist even when new deployments trigger an auto-cleanup and unpinned.

screenshot showing a pinned deployment

Machines: Change “Add disk” default behavior

The “Always attach” Persistent option will now be set by default.

Podman: Delete intermediate images

Intermediate images have no tags or other identifiers. They are usually intermediate layers from building container images or leftovers from moved tags. Intermediate images can now be deleted within Cockpit Podman.

screenshot of the "delete intermediate images" modal dialog

Try it out

Cockpit 306, cockpit-machines 303, cockpit-podman 82, and cockpit-ostree 198.1 are available now: