Cockpit 311

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Here are the release notes from cockpit-machines 307:

Machines: Replace SPICE for multiple machines

“Replace SPICE devices” was introduced in Cockpit 310 to adjust VMs using SPICE to run on a host without SPICE capability. When opened from the context menu of a VM on the overview list, the dialog now offers to convert multiple VMs in a single step.

screenshot of the "Replace SPICE devices" dialog with options to include multiple machines

Machines: Add storage pool support for pre-formatted block devices

Virtual machine storage pools now support pre-formatted block devices. This is a more robust alternative to “physical disk devices”, as it avoids the guest OS seeing the device on its own, which may lead to unintentional reformatting of a raw disk device.

Virtual machine creation modal dialog with "pre-formatted block device" selected

Thanks to Haruka Ohata for this contribution!

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cockpit-machines 307 is available now: