Cockpit 303

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 303 and cockpit-machines 300:

Apps: Detect missing AppStream metadata

If the AppStream metadata is not installed, the “Apps” page cannot show available Cockpit extensions. The page detects this now, and offers to install the metadata.

screenshot of detect missing appstream metadata

screenshot of detect missing appstream metadata

Thanks to leomoty for designing this improvement!

Machines: Add SSH keys to VM creation dialog

When creating a new VM, cockpit-machines now offers the option to provide your SSH public key. This is stored in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file of the designated non-root user, enabling immediate SSH access to the user account right after creating the VM.

screenshot of add ssh keys to vm creation dialog

Try it out

Cockpit 303 and cockpit-machines 300 are available now: