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Cockpit 150

  • Add information about unmet conditions for systemd services
  • Automatically enable and start newly created timers on the Services page
  • Support Kubernetes authentication providers in kube config files
  • Support sending non-maskable interrupt to VMs
  • Support Dashboard installation into OSTree overlay
  • Clear cockpit cookie on logout

Cockpit 148

  • Support Cockpit in Internet Explorer
  • Update Cluster/Registry design for image streams
  • Delete OpenShift session tokens on logout
  • Detect unregistered RHEL systems on Software Updates page

Cockpit 147

  • Add configuration of expiry to Accounts page
  • Consistently ignore loopback traffic on all network load graphs
  • Fix the Kdump page in Internet Exporer

Cockpit Workshop before "All Systems Go!"

We’re organizing a Cockpit workshop in Berlin on the 19th and 20th of October, the two days preceding the All Systems Go! conference, the successor to last year’s systemd.conf.The idea is to bring the Cockpit community together to help each other out in various areas relating to Cockpit. For example:...

Cockpit 146

  • Software Updates page shows more information
  • Improve available Software Updates layout for small/mobile screens
  • Support OAuth Kubernetes logins with Google Compute Engine
  • Fix reporting ABRT crashes that are already known to the server
  • Scroll the virtual machine VNC console into view automatically

Cockpit 145

  • Terminal size
  • Machines page reactiveness
  • Delete VM functionality
  • Retire external Machines provider API
  • ABRT integration
  • Always recommend restarting after applying Software Updates
  • Cancelling Software Updates

Cockpit Virtual Hackfest Wrapup

Last week a bunch of us met up in Karlsruhe in Germany to work on virtualmachines support in Cockpit. We had some specialists there who helped usget up to speed with VMs. Tons of pull requests opened, designs put together.Some of the changes are already merged andreleased in Cockpit 144.Marek...

Cockpit Virtual Hackfest

There’s a Cockpit Hackfest underway in Karlsruhe, Germany. We’re working on thevirtual machine functionality in Cockpit.That means interacting with libvirt. Although libvirt has remoting functionalityit has no API that’s actually remotable and callable from Cockpit javascript code.So Lars and Pavel started working on a DBus wrapper for the API.At the...

Cockpit 143

  • “Software Updates” page for package based operating systems
  • Inline VNC consoles
  • Kubernetes RBAC authorization support
  • RPM packages for IBM Z systems

Cockpit 142

  • Virtual machines display an interactive console
  • Document how to grant/restrict access via polkit rules
  • Attempt to tear down used partitions when formatting disks

Cockpit 135

  • Redesigned sidebar navigation
  • Indicator in top bar shows privilege escalation
  • Disks are now shown for virtual machines
  • New developer tool can close active Cockpit pages
  • SSH connections established within the user session