Cockpit 171

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 171.

Machines: Add virtual CPU configuration

The Machines page can now flexibly configure the number and layout of virtual CPUs:

Machines vCPU

When changing the values for an already running VM, they become effective after stopping and restarting it.

Thanks to Bohdan Iakymets!

Kubernetes: Add KubeVirt pod metrics

The details page of a KubeVirt VM now shows the current CPU, memory, and network usage. This is similar to the libvirt VM on the Machines page.

Kubevirt Pod Metrics

Thanks to suomiy!

Docker: Show container volumes

The details page of a running Docker container now shows its volumes and their mode (like “read only”):

Docker Volumes

Thanks to Katerina Koukiou!

Fix broken actions for non-administrators

The tuned, system time, and host name links on the System page, as well as the unit and service buttons on the Services page now check if the user is actually allowed to carry out the action. If not, the elements now get disabled and show a proper tooltip.

System tuned permission check

Networking: Handle non-running NetworkManager

The Networking page now hides the non-functional network graphs and action buttons while NetworkManager is not running, and shows an appropriate notification. If NetworkManager is enabled, this usually indicates a crash or otherwise unexpected situation:

Enabled stopped NetworkManager

If NetworkManager is disabled, this usually just means that some other software manages the network, or that this might be a fresh installation where NetworkManager is not configured yet:

Disabled stopped NetworkManager

Accounts: User role improvements

The Accounts page now offers adding an “Image Builder” role to a user, which puts that user into the weldr Unix group. It also points out that this does not become immediately effective but only applies to new logins:

Account roles

Localize times

Dates and times on all affected pages (System, Storage, and Docker) now use the format matching the selected Display Language instead of the U.S.format.

Time stamp localization

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Cockpit 171 is available now: