Cockpit 165

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 165.

Storage: Show more details of sessions and services that keep NFS busy

When trying to unmount an NFS share that is currently in use, Cockpit offers a dialog to terminate the processes that keep it busy. That dialog now shows the systemd service names, process command lines, and since when these have been active. This allows the administrator a more informed decision whether it is okay to forcefully terminate these.

Storage NFS busy details

Machines: Detect if libvirtd is not running

The Virtual Machines page now detects if libvirtd.service is running. It offers to start and optionally enable the unit if it is not currently running:

Machines libvirt not running

Previously it just showed that “no VMs are running”, which was misleading.

Thanks to suomiy for this improvement!

Machines: Show virtual machines that are being created

When creating a new virtual machine it takes a while to allocate and create the disk image. During that time the new VM was not visible anywhere, which caused the impression that the creation failed. Now the VM overview lists it immediately with state “creating VM installation”:

Machines VM creating

Thanks to suomiy for this improvement!

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Cockpit 165 is available now: