I. Deployment Guide
Manual pages
cockpit.conf — Cockpit configuration file
cockpit-ws — Cockpit web service
cockpit-tls — TLS proxy for Cockpit web service
cockpit-desktop — Cockpit Desktop integration
cockpit-bridge — Cockpit Host Bridge
HTTPS Requirement
TCP Port and Address
Cockpit systemd Socket
SELinux Port
Firewalld Port
Start up
Process exit
Boot start up
Cockpit Authentication
Directly logging into the primary server
Logging into a secondary server from the primary session
Public key
SSH host keys
Directly logging into a secondary server without a primary session
Single Sign On
Server Requirements
Client Requirements
Certificate/smart card authentication
User certificate generation
Certificate mapping with FreeIPA
Certificate mapping with Microsoft Active Directory
Certificate mapping with Samba Active Directory
Cockpit web server configuration
Cockpit web server resource limits
Authentication to other services like sudo and ssh
Privileges and Permissions
Customizing Polkit Privileges
II. Feature Internals
User Tools
PCP Metrics
Multiple Machines
SELinux Policy
Tuned Profiles
SOS Report
Package Updates
III. Developer Guide
Embedding and Integrating Cockpit
Embedding the Cockpit Interface
Integrating Cockpit Components into Web Applications
Deep Integration
Pinging Cockpit
Cockpit Packages
Layout of Package Files
Package Manifest
Manifest overrides
Package Links and Paths
Content Negotiation
Using Cockpit API
Bridges for specific tasks
Replacing an existing package
Cockpit URLs
Component URLs
Visible URLs
API: base1
cockpit.js — Basic cockpit API to interact with the system
cockpit.js: DBus Client — DBus API communication
cockpit.js: File Access — Reading, writing, and watching files.
cockpit.js: HTTP Client — HTTP and REST API communication
cockpit.js: Spawning Processes — Spawning processes or scripts
cockpit.js: Metrics — Reading and streaming metric data
cockpit.js: Series Data — Representing series data
cockpit.js: Raw Channels — Raw communication channels
cockpit.js: Page Location and Jumping — Page location and navigation between components
cockpit.js: Localization — Localization and translations
cockpit.js: Errors — Problem codes and messages
cockpit.js: User Session — User information and login session state
cockpit.js: Utilities — Various utility functions
cockpit.js: Object Cache — Caching and sharing data
cockpit.js: Manifests — Manifest info
API: shell
index.html — Main cockpit shell, for a single machine
API: system
logs.html — System log component
terminal.html — Server terminal component