API: base1

This package contains basic support API available to other packages.

Table of Contents

cockpit.js — Basic cockpit API to interact with the system
cockpit.js: DBus Client — DBus API communication
cockpit.js: File Access — Reading, writing, and watching files.
cockpit.js: HTTP Client — HTTP and REST API communication
cockpit.js: Spawning Processes — Spawning processes or scripts
cockpit.js: Metrics — Reading and streaming metric data
cockpit.js: Series Data — Representing series data
cockpit.js: Raw Channels — Raw communication channels
cockpit.js: Page Location and Jumping — Page location and navigation between components
cockpit.js: Localization — Localization and translations
cockpit.js: Errors — Problem codes and messages
cockpit.js: User Session — User information and login session state
cockpit.js: Utilities — Various utility functions
cockpit.js: Object Cache — Caching and sharing data
cockpit.js: Manifests — Manifest info