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Cockpit 0.89 Released

  • OSTree upgrades and rollbacks
  • Custom login authentication scripts
  • Stubbed out bridge for non-local users
  • Specific dashboards can now be shown as default
  • Fix login on Windows
  • Host name in self-signed certificate
  • Routine Debian testing
  • Case insensitive cockpit.conf
  • Reorder graphs on server summary page
  • Syncing of users when adding a server
  • Weak dependencies on Fedora 24+
  • Vagrantfile working again
  • SOS Reporting

Cockpit 0.85 Released

  • Varying users on dashboard machines
  • Non standard SSH ports
  • Troubleshooting machine connectivity
  • Fix SELinux certificate file type bug
  • Work around bug in Firefox 42
  • Docker restart container timeout

Cockpit 0.77 Released

  • Componentizing Cockpit
  • The URLs changed
  • Authentication when Embedding Cockpit
  • Deleting and Adjusting Kubernetes Objects
  • Warning when too many machines
  • From the Future

Making REST calls from Javascript in Cockpit

Not all of the system APIs use DBus. So sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have to use REST (which is often just treated as another word for HTTP) to talk to certain parts of the system. For example Docker has a REST API.For this tutorial you’ll...