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Creating Plugins for the Cockpit User Interface

Note: This post was updated in Aug 2022 to adjust to reflect Cockpit UI and development best practices.Cockpit is a web-based graphical interface for servers. You can easily add your own custom pages to the navigation.For this tutorial you need to install your distribution’s cockpit packages or build it from...

Cockpit 218

  • Services: Improved accessibility and mobile support
  • Overview: Add uptime information
  • Disable idle timeout by default
  • Support building without polkit

Cockpit 210 and Cockpit-podman 12

  • Overview: Add CPU utilization to usage card
  • Dashboard: Support SSH identity unlocking when adding new machines
  • SElinux: Introduce an Ansible automation script
  • Machines: Support “bridge” type network interfaces
  • Machines: Support bus type disk configuration
  • Podman: Configure CPU share for system containers
  • Source
  • Fedora 30
  • Fedora 31

Cockpit 209

  • A new design for the Overview page
  • Session timeouts
  • Support for banners on the login page
  • Support for TLS client certificate authentication
  • Support for Fedora CoreOS
  • List cockpit logins in wtmp/utmp
  • Dropped support for the pam_rhost module

Cockpit 208

  • Storage: Drop “default mount point” concept
  • Machines: Support transient virtual networks and storage pools
  • Machines: Sliders for disk size and memory in VM creation
  • Logs: Improve crash reporting