Cockpit 239

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit version 239.

Terminal: Support for changing the font size

Users can now change the font size in the emulator window on the terminal page.

New font size selector in the terminal

Machines: Allow editing disk cache mode

It’s now possible to edit the cache mode for existing virtual machine disks. This was previously only possible when creating new disks. In order to edit the cache mode, any machines using the volume need to be powered off.

Cache mode editing for machines

The detailed view for log entries now links to related services, when applicable.

Log entry linking to service

SELinux: Restyle to resemble other pages

The SELinux page now matches the style of other pages in Cockpit. pages in Cockpit.

SELinux page with the new style

Packaging: Removed ./configure options for distribution-specific packages

The ./configure script dropped several distribution-specific options:

  • --with-vdo-package
  • --with-nfs-client-package
  • --with-appstream-config-packages
  • --with-appstream-data-packages

Manifest files now contain this same information, which is more portable across distributions.

Administrators can still adjust these values in override.json files.

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Cockpit 239 is available now: