Cockpit 233

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from Cockpit version 233.

Non-admin users no longer see Cockpit in motd

The motd message suggesting how Cockpit can be enabled or used is now shown only to admin users. This depends on PAM 1.5.0 (which is not yet released) but the needed patches have been backported to Fedora 33 and may land in other distributions in the future.

Developers: jQuery removal

As previously announced, we have finally removed the long-deprcated ../base1/jquery.js API from Cockpit. The bundled version is no longer built or shipped. If you are using jQuery in your application, be sure to build against your own copy.

All known projects which used this API were ported away two years ago already.

Read more details in the original announcement.

Try it out

Cockpit 233 is available now: