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Cockpit 0.117

  • Configure volumes and environment for a Docker container
  • Setup container and image storage
  • Support for Network Teaming
  • Pulling images without authentication from the Openshift Registry
  • Don’t allow formatting extended partitions

Cockpit 0.114

  • Test every change on CentOS
  • Show SSH host keys and machine ID
  • Allow changing the ethernet MTU
  • Show intelligent password error messages
  • Red Hat subscription registration options
  • From the Future

Cockpit 0.113

  • Display time information for systemd timer jobs
  • Hide Unmanaged Network Interfaces
  • Network bonds are created with Active/Backup
  • Added textual fields to container resource sliders
  • Disable tuned correctly when disabling performance profiles
  • From the Future

Cockpit 0.111

  • SELinux enforcing policy
  • Stable Javascript API
  • GlusterFS in Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Kubernetes pending Persistent Volume Claims
  • From the Future

Cockpit 0.105

  • Strict Content-Security-Policy enforced everywhere
  • Timeout for Cockpit Authentication
  • Cluster Users can be Added and Removed from Groups
  • Registry Mirroring from Insecure Registries
  • Deletion of Kubernetes Nodes

Cockpit 0.104

  • Kubernetes iSCSI Volumes
  • Listing View Expansion
  • Tagging Docker Images in the Registry
  • From the Future

Cockpit 0.103

  • Kubernetes connection configuration
  • Upload each Release to an Ubuntu PPA
  • Remove jQuery Usage from cockpit.js API