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Cockpit 182

  • Machines: Add libvirt connection choice in VM creation dialog
  • Software Updates page improvements

Cockpit 181

  • System: Memory graph improvements
  • Machines: Edit network interfaces of virtual machines
  • Update look of lists to match PatternFly

Cockpit 179

  • Machines: Detach disk support
  • Machines: Offer cockpit-machines as Application

Is Cockpit Secure?

  • Cockpit is a Linux session in your browser
  • But are browsers secure?
  • Cockpit has no special privileges
  • Escalating privileges
  • Principle of Least Privilege
  • Security Policy within the browser
  • Security of the network facing TCP port
  • But what about the Web Server
  • In conclusion

Cockpit 176

  • Login: Suggest other browser when browser is unsupported
  • PackageKit: Install auto-updates backend on demand

Cockpit 172

  • System: Offer installation of PCP
  • Software Updates: Improve layout in mobile mode
  • Remove ability to drop privileges from navigation bar
  • Introduce flow control for all channels
  • Python 3 support