Cockpit 270

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 270, cockpit-machines 269, and cockpit-podman 48:

Services: User-created timer deletion

User-created systemd timers (in /etc/systemd/system) can now be deleted.

screenshot of delete in the timer menu

screenshot of user-created timer deletion dialog

System Diagnostics: Working with diagnostic reports has been improved

The Diagnostic Reports page now lists all reports that have been created. Reports can be downloaded and removed from the list. When creating a new report, several options can be specified.

system diagnostics screenshot

Machines: Redesign content removal dialogs

Dialogs for deleting resources on the Machines page now show details about which resources are about to be deleted.

For example: Removing host devices from the VM shows the host device with identifying information such as vendor, product, and slot number.

screenshot of removing host devices

Another example: When deleting a storage pool, optional deletion of volumes now shows which volumes would be deleted.

screenshot of deleting a storage pool

Podman: Container renaming

Container names can be changed from the container’s menu.

screenshot of rename dialog

Thanks to Pavel Stržínek for this feature!

Podman: Health check support

Health checks can be set up when creating a container. In container details, the current health check result and history can be viewed. Additionally, in the details, health checks can be manually triggered.

screenshot of health checks in Cockpit-Podman

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Cockpit 270, cockpit-machines 269, and cockpit-podman 48 are available now:

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