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Cockpit 0.85 Released

  • Varying users on dashboard machines
  • Non standard SSH ports
  • Troubleshooting machine connectivity
  • Fix SELinux certificate file type bug
  • Work around bug in Firefox 42
  • Docker restart container timeout

Using Vagrant to Develop Cockpit

Starting with Cockpit release 0.79 you can use Vagrant to bring up a VM in whichyou can test or develop Cockpit. The VM is isolated from your main system so any system configurationyou change via Cockpit will only happen in the VM.The Vagrant VM mounts the Cockpit package assets from...

Cockpit 0.77 Released

  • Componentizing Cockpit
  • The URLs changed
  • Authentication when Embedding Cockpit
  • Deleting and Adjusting Kubernetes Objects
  • Warning when too many machines
  • From the Future

Making REST calls from Javascript in Cockpit

Not all of the system APIs use DBus. So sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have to use REST (which is often just treated as another word for HTTP) to talk to certain parts of the system. For example Docker has a REST API.For this tutorial you’ll...

Cockpit's Kubernetes Dashboard

Here’s a video showing what I’ve been working on together with some help from a couple Cockpit folks. It’s a Cockpit dashboard for Kubernetes.If you haven’t heard about Kubernetes … it’s a way to schedule docker containers across a cluster of machines, and take care of their networking, storage, name...