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Cockpit 183

  • Machines: Manage storage pools
  • Kernel Dump: Support non-local targets
  • Respect SSH configuration
  • Never send Content-Length with chunked encoding

Cockpit 182

  • Machines: Add libvirt connection choice in VM creation dialog
  • Software Updates page improvements

Cockpit 179

  • Machines: Detach disk support
  • Machines: Offer cockpit-machines as Application

Is Cockpit Secure?

Security is vital to your Linux systems. It’s not a binary thing though.Depending on your requirements you end up choosing a level of security thatstill allows you and your systems to accomplish what they need to do.Here’s info about Cockpit’s security, to helpyou make those choices. You’ll find not only...

Cockpit 176

  • Login: Suggest other browser when browser is unsupported
  • PackageKit: Install auto-updates backend on demand