Cockpit 224 and Cockpit Podman 20

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. Cockpit 224 with bug fixes was released as well as Cockpit Podman 20. Here are release notes for Cockpit Podman 20.

Podman: Show networking information for containers

Container details now include basic networking information.

Cockpit podman networking info

Thanks to Eric Jeffrey for this contribution!

Podman: Enable filtering images and containers by owner

Filtering between system, rootless, and all containers has been added.

Cockpit podman owner filter

Podman: Optionally show intermediate images

Intermediate images are hidden by default, but there is a link to show them.

Cockpit podman intermediate images

Podman : Enable setting up SELinux label when mounting volumes

During container creation and volume mounting, :z or :Z labels can be specified. These options tell Podman to relabel file objects on the shared volumes.

Cockpit podman intermediate images

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Cockpit 224 and Cockpit-podman 20 are available now: