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Cockpit 0.77 Released

  • Componentizing Cockpit
  • The URLs changed
  • Authentication when Embedding Cockpit
  • Deleting and Adjusting Kubernetes Objects
  • Warning when too many machines
  • From the Future

Making REST calls from Javascript in Cockpit

Not all of the system APIs use DBus. So sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have to use REST (which is often just treated as another word for HTTP) to talk to certain parts of the system. For example Docker has a REST API.For this tutorial you’ll...

Cockpit's Kubernetes Dashboard

Here’s a video showing what I’ve been working on together with some help from a couple Cockpit folks. It’s a Cockpit dashboard for Kubernetes.If you haven’t heard about Kubernetes … it’s a way to schedule docker containers across a cluster of machines, and take care of their networking, storage, name...

Cockpit on RHEL Atomic Beta

If you’ve tried out the RHEL Atomic Host Beta you might notice that Cockpit is not included by default, like it is in the Fedora Atomic or CentOS Atomic. But there’s an easy work around:$ sudo docker run --privileged -v /:/host -d stefwalter/cockpit-atomic:wipThis is an interim solution, and has some...

Using DBus from Javascript in Cockpit

Much of Cockpit interacts with the server using DBus. We have a powerful yet simple API for doing that, and you should use DBus too when building your own Cockpit user interfaces. For this tutorial you’ll need at least Cockpit 0.41. A few tweaks landed in that release to solve...

Creating Plugins for the Cockpit User Interface

It’s real easy to create these components. Tools are components that show up in the Tools menu in Cockpit:For example the Terminal that you see there is implemented as a tool. But lets make ourselves another one. For this tutorial you’ll need Cockpit 0.41. You can install it in Fedora...

DBus is powerful IPC

D-Bus is powerful IPC Cockpit is heavily built around DBus. We send DBus over ourWebSocket transport,and marshal them in JSON.DBus is powerful, with lots of capabilities. Not all projects use all of these, but so many ofthese capabilities are what allow Cockpit to implement its UI. Method Call Transactions Object...

Cockpit Multi-Server Dashboard

Andreas and Marius have been working on implementing a new multi-server dashboard for Cockpit. It’s really looking great.The goal here is that the dash board should work with either one server or several,and give you an overview of what’s going on. Problems that require attention shouldbe highlighted clearly. You should...

Cockpit has Docker pull support

Cockpit 0.12 now has support for pulling Docker images from theDocker registry.Unfortunately Docker doesn’t have support for cancelling the pull of an image. So thatsort of hampers the UI a bit. At least for now.