Cockpit 251

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 251 and cockpit-machines 250:

Certificate and smart card authentication for ssh and sudo

Once you’ve logged into Cockpit with a client certificate, you’ll likely need to switch to administative mode, or connect to remote machines through SSH. If your machine is part of a FreeIPA domain, you can now set up constrained delegation rules so that the Cockpit certificate authentication gets forwarded to sudo and/or ssh. This is particularly useful if your user account does not have a password. Please see the Client certification documentation for details.

Logs: Easier-to-use filtering

The Logs page has friendlier filtering options. In previous versions, users had to know esoteric journald keywords to effectively find desired journal messages. The new version contains a dropdown with all possible fields, along with inline help.

Screenshot from 2021-08-09 13-11-59

Machines: Shared directory removal

Cockpit Machines can now remove directory shares.


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Cockpit 251 and cockpit-machines 250 are available now:

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