Cockpit 252

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 252:

Webserver: Drop remotectl utility

Cockpit 241 already stopped using the deprecated remotectl utility for creating certificates for the main cockpit.service, in favor of the much simpler /usr/libexec/cockpit-certificate-ensure. This version moves the remaining usage (containers and documentation) to that helper, and drops remotectl.

If you use scripts, playbooks, or similar direct invocations of remotectl, please consider removing that: Cockpit creates or refreshes a self-signed certificate on startup automatically if required. If you must pre-create it, please move your scripts to call /usr/libexec/cockpit-certificate-ensure. However, please note that this script is not a stable and supported public interface.

Shell: Show package versions in ‘About web console’ modal

Screenshot from 2021-08-30 14-07-52about

Storage: Encryption is presented as a property of a filesystem

Cockpit used to make the encryption layer of a encrypted filesystem explicit: It had its own row in the content table and it would be referred to in other places in the UI. Now the encryption layer is hidden away and Cockpit pretends encryption is a inherent property of a Filesystem.

screenshot of encryption is presented as a property of a filesystem

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