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Cockpit 299

  • Kdump: Show location of kdump to verify the successful configuration test
  • Storage: Support for no-overprovisioning with Stratis
  • Storage: Cockpit can now add caches to encrypted Stratis pools

Cross-project testing with tmt and Packit


All Cockpit projects have been running gating tests with Packit and tmt in upstream PRs and Fedora/CentOS/RHEL for over two years now. That resolved most of our previous woes about broken gating tests after upstream releases.However, even after several years of tmt tests, Fedora still does not use...

Cockpit 297

  • Users: Support for changing user shells
  • Use the Python bridge in Fedora 38 and CentOS Stream 9
  • Podman: Show the time of the latest container checkpoint

Patternfly V5 Alpha

Cockpit upgraded to PatternFly 5 alpha

PatternFly team has been working with “all hands on deck” on the version 5. That new major release is still scheduled for June. They have conducted two rounds of alpha testing so far and they’ve gone pretty well. Meanwhile PatternFly 4 has been...