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Cockpit 225 and Cockpit Podman 21

  • Machines: Add support for VM snapshots
  • Developer API: Launch and reattach to a long-running process
  • Podman: Support for pod groups
  • Podman: Support checkpoint and restore
  • Podman: Registry selection in “download image” dialog
  • Podman: Selected tag removal during deletion

Cockpit 224 and Cockpit Podman 20

  • Podman: Show networking information for containers
  • Podman: Enable filtering images and containers by owner
  • Podman: Optionally show intermediate images
  • Podman : Enable setting up SELinux label when mounting volumes

Cockpit 223

  • Webserver: Standard-conformant lifetime of web server certificate
  • Certificate authentication against Active Directory

Cockpit 222

  • Logs: More flexible text filters
  • Services, Dashboard: Hide some buttons when access is limited
  • Webserver: Lock down cockpit.service privileges

Cockpit 221

  • Support for Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy
  • Accounts: Hide some buttons when access is limited
  • Developers: Importing “base1/patternfly.css” is deprecated

Cockpit 219

  • Logs: Improved filtering
  • Gain or drop administrative access in a running Cockpit session

Scale Cockpit troubleshooting to your computing fleet

You might know Cockpit as a troubleshooting tool for individual machines. But once you discover and test a solution, wouldn’t it be nice to apply it to all your other machines in your data center?Of course, not every problem works this way. You wouldn’t extend LVM with a new hard...

Creating Plugins for the Cockpit User Interface

Note: This post was updated in May 2020 to adjust to reflect Cockpit UI and development best practices.Cockpit is a web-based graphical interface for servers. You can easily add your own custom pages to the navigation.For this tutorial you need to install your distribution’s cockpit packages or build it from...