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Cockpit 248

  • Metrics: Install missing packages
  • PAM: Deprecate pam_cockpit_cert module
  • Machines: Bug fixes and improvements
  • OSTree: Bump epoch to 1
  • All: Git branches are now main

Setting up PCP and Grafana metrics with Cockpit

Finding performance problems is a common troubleshooting activity. Monitoring the usage of CPU, memory, network, and other resources helps administrators to spot patterns when unusual resource usage occurs.Cockpit can help. Let’s take a look!

Starting point

Let’s start with a pristine Fedora 34 system which has at least Cockpit 247....

Cockpit 245

  • Metrics: New PCP configuration dialog
  • Storage: Show both SHA256 and SHA1 Tang fingerprints
  • Release: No more cockpit-cache tarball
  • cockpit-podman: Added Korean translation

Testing all the pixels

The Cockpit integration tests can now contain “pixel tests”. Such a test will take a screenshot with the browser and compare it with a reference. The idea is that we can catch visual regressions much easier this way than if we would hunt for them in a purely manual fashion.

Unified upstream and downstream testing with tmt and Packit

Automated package update gating can tremendously increase the quality of a Linux distribution. (Gated packages are only accepted into a distribution when tests pass.)Two and a half years ago, we started to gate the Fedora cockpit package on our browser integration tests. We have continued to increase the number of...

Cockpit 241

  • Kdump: Beautification and alignment fixes
  • Start of TLS certificate improvements

Cockpit 239

  • Terminal: Support for changing the font size
  • Machines: Allow editing disk cache mode
  • Logs: Link to related services page
  • SELinux: Restyle to resemble other pages
  • Packaging: Removed ./configure options for distribution-specific packages