Cockpit 317

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 317:

webserver: System user changes

Cockpit has changed how the system user is handled. All supported distributions use the same system user names. We don’t test, support, or recommend running the web server as root, which had previously been the default with an upstream build and install. Hence, the following ./configure options related to static users have been removed:

  • --with-cockpit-user
  • --with-cockpit-group
  • --with-cockpit-ws-instance-user
  • --with-cockpit-ws-instance-group

The cockpit-ws system user is no longer statically created, but created transiently and on-demand via systemd’s DynamicUser feature. If you would like to remove the previously-used static system user:

  1. Upgrade to Cockpit 317 or later
  2. Run systemctl stop cockpit
  3. Run userdel -r cockpit-ws

The cockpit-wsinstance system user is now declared through systemd-sysusers.

Metrics: Grafana setup now prefers Valkey

The Grafana metrics setup now prefers using valkey over redis on Fedora. See the Fedora change proposal for details.

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