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Cockpit 133

  • Remotely managed machines are now configured in /etc/cockpit/machines.d
  • Packages can register additional bridges
  • Split translations into individual packages

Cockpit 130, 131 and 132

  • Kernel dump configuration support added
  • MAC addresses for ethernet adapters and bonds can be modified
  • Show session virtual Machines on the machines page
  • SELinux functionality is now available without setroubleshootd

Cockpit 128 and 129

  • Manage remotes and rebasing in OSTree
  • The subpackage cockpit-dashboard has been split out
  • Issues upgrading Cockpit on Debian and Fedora have been fixed
  • On Atomic, sosreport works again
  • Optionally disable the dependency on libssh

Cockpit 126 and 127

  • Show security scan information about container images
  • Choose whether password is cached and reused on the login screen
  • The remotectl command can now combine certificate and key files
  • Cockpit respects /etc/shells
  • Allow renaming of active devices in networking interface
  • Rename cockpit-shell to cockpit-system
  • Kerberos authentication now work even if gss-proxy is in use

Cockpit 125

  • Cockpit is now properly translatable
  • Display OSTree signatures
  • New expandable views for storage partitions
  • Other storage fixes
  • Full testing on RHEL 7.3, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8 Jessie
  • System shutdown can be scheduled by date
  • Properly terminate user sessions on the Accounts page

Cockpit 122

  • Logging into a system via a Bastion Host
  • Works with UDisks in addition to storaged
  • Explicitly specify javascript dependency versions

Cockpit 121

  • Network Configuration Rollback
  • Debian Branding
  • Fix Kerberos single sign on Debian and Ubuntu
  • Debugging info for Javascript and CSS

Cockpit 120

  • Expandable and Filterable Containers and Images
  • VM Configuration and Monitoring
  • Unmanaged Network Devices
  • Sidebar for Physical Volumes in a Volume Group
  • SSH connections are run in a separate process
  • Only connect to remote machines already known to Cockpit
  • Fix bugs preventing Logs page from working in Firefox 49
  • Add tooltip describing group name in Roles list

Cockpit 118

  • Timer jobs in systemd
  • Two factor auth on login screen
  • Use Webpack to build the Cockpit interface
  • SSH key loading and Docker resources work on Debian
  • Configure Cockpit URLs with an HTTP prefix
  • Components can require a minimum Cockpit version

Cockpit 0.117

  • Configure volumes and environment for a Docker container
  • Setup container and image storage
  • Support for Network Teaming
  • Pulling images without authentication from the Openshift Registry
  • Don’t allow formatting extended partitions

Cockpit 0.114

  • Test every change on CentOS
  • Show SSH host keys and machine ID
  • Allow changing the ethernet MTU
  • Show intelligent password error messages
  • Red Hat subscription registration options
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