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Cockpit 205

  • Firewall: UI restructuring
  • Machines: Refactor Create VM dialog and introduce a download option
  • Adjust menu to PatternFly’s current navigation design
  • Searching with keywords
  • Software Updates: Use notifications for available updates info
  • Web server security hardening

Cockpit 202

  • Machines: Creation of Storage Volumes
  • Improved component for selecting paths on the filesystem

Cockpit 201

  • Machines: VM creation changes
  • Machines: Enable interface type “direct” in NIC configuration
  • systemd: Add more actions to services

Cockpit 200

  • Machines: Type-ahead OS selection
  • Machines: Create LVM storage pools
  • Machines: Create virtual networks
  • Networking: Show included firewalld services
  • Web server: Split out TLS handling

Cockpit 199

  • Redesigned logs
  • Services: Design and accessibility improvements
  • System: Show DIMM information on Hardware Info page
  • Machines: VM creation dialog now shows the recommended memory for the selected OS

Cockpit 198

  • PatternFly4 user interface design
  • SELinux: Show changes
  • Machines: Deletion of Virtual Networks
  • Machines: Support more disk types
  • Docker: Change menu label
  • Web server: More flexible https redirection for proxies

Cockpit 197

  • Machines: Support all storage pool types for new disks
  • Machines: Show available space on host at VM creation

Cockpit 195

  • Simplified support for external TLS termination
  • Firewall: More support for zones
  • Machines: Additional storage options
  • Machines: Support for changing memory allocation
  • Storage: Select encryption type separately from filesystem