Cockpit 289

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 289, cockpit-machines 287, and cockpit-podman 66:

Metrics: Indicate high usage and use colorblind-friendly colors

Graphs on the metrics page indicate high usage by using a darker variant of the color. Additionaly, colors have been adjusted to use a colorblind-optimized subset of PatternFly chart colors.


Accounts: Improve password validation

When creating an account, password validation actively performs a check on every keystroke, once the same numbers of character have been met. Additionally, weak passwords are now shown with a warning to discourage usage, but can still be overridden in most cases.

Screenshot from 2023-04-05 12-41-47

Machines: Show an alert when virtualization is disabled in BIOS/EFI

Cockpit-Machines displays a full-page alert when virtualization is disabled in the BIOS/EFI settings, preventing potential issues when running a VM.

screenshot of show an alert when virtualization is disabled in bios/efi

Thanks to Subho Ghosh for this contribution!

Podman: Custom healthcheck actions

When health checks fail, Cockpit-Podman can now optionally restart, stop, or force stop a container. This feature requires Podman 4.3 or higher.

screenshot of custom healthcheck actions

Podman: Container list can be sorted

Cockpit-Podman’s container list now supports sorting by name, owner, CPU, memory, and state.

screenshot of container list can be sorted

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Cockpit 289, cockpit-machines 287, and cockpit-podman 66 are available now:

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