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Cockpit has Docker pull support

Cockpit 0.12 now has support for pulling Docker images from theDocker registry.Unfortunately Docker doesn’t have support for cancelling the pull of an image. So thatsort of hampers the UI a bit. At least for now.

Cockpit does Docker

Here’s a short video showing how Cockpit manages Docker containers.Cockpit is in RHEL branding here, but it’s basically the same thing asyou get from cockpit-project.orgThis UI is going to be refined somewhat, but it’s nice to see thingscoming together.

Introducing Cockpit

Gave a talk at DevConf in Brno about the project a bunch of us havebeen working on: Cockpit. It’s a UI for Linux Servers. Currently inthe prototype stage…Hopefully there’ll be a video of the talk available soon. You can tryout the Cockpit prototype in Fedora like so:# yum install --enablerepo=updates-testing cockpit#...