Cockpit 0.77 Released

Cockpit releases every week. This week it was 0.77

Componentizing Cockpit

Marius and Stef completed a long running refactoring task of splitting Cockpit into components.

In an age long gone Cockpit used to be one monolithic piece of HTML and javascript. Over the last year we’ve steadily refactored to split this out so various components can be loaded optionally and/or from different servers depending on capabilities and operating system versions.

Marius also removed a cockpitd DBus service that we’ve also been moving away from. Cockpit wants to talk to system APIs and not install its own API wrappers like cockpitd.

The URLs changed

Because of the above, we unfortunately had to change the URLs. But we’ve taken the opportunity to make them a lot simpler and cleaner.

Authentication when Embedding Cockpit

Stef worked on partitioning the cockpit authentication so that embedders of Cockpit components don’t need to share authentication state with a normal instance of Cockpit loaded in a browser.

Deleting and Adjusting Kubernetes Objects

Subin implemented deletion kubernetes objects, and adjust things like the number of replicas in Replication Controllers.

Warning when too many machines

Cockpit now gives a warning when adding “too many” machines to the dashboard. We’ve set the warning to 20 machines, but various operating systems can set this warning to be lower.


From the Future

Andreas did designs for managing the SSH keys loaded for use when connecting to machines:


Try it out

Cockpit 0.77 is available now here: