Cockpit 248

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 248, cockpit-machines 247, cockpit-ostree 186, and cockpit-podman 32:

Metrics: Install missing packages

Cockpit 247 introduced setting up a machine for Grafana metrics. However, this only worked if the pcp and redis packages were already installed. In Cockpit 248 and after, selecting these options will install any missing packages.

screenshot of install missing packages

screenshot of install missing packages

This completes the story of setting up PCP and Grafana metrics with Cockpit.

PAM: Deprecate pam_cockpit_cert module

The pam_cockpit_cert module is deprecated and no longer required for client certificate authentication. Cockpit continues to ship a stub module which returns PAM_IGNORE, but a future release will drop this stub.

Upgrading packages will not update a modified /etc/pam.d/cockpit file. If you have modified this file, please take care to remove the relevant entry.

Machines: Bug fixes and improvements

cockpit-machines has a new release with several bug fixes and minor improvements.

OSTree: Bump epoch to 1

The cockpit-ostree RPM package is being released as version 1:186, with a newly introduced epoch. This new version will re-enable upgrading from an unintentional “version 999” of cockpit-ostree, which was accidentally published while testing the release infrastructure.

All: Git branches are now main

Over the past few months, many Cockpit sub-projects changed their primary development branch to main. As of this release, all Cockpit repositories—including the main Cockpit repository—have finished the switch. Developers with checked out git repositories should update their branches.

This set of releases also marks the end of our transition to Dart Sass and Webpack 5, as well as cleanups and modernization to Cockpit’s build system.

Try it out

Cockpit 248, cockpit-machines 247, and cockpit-ostree 187 are available now:

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