Cockpit 247

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit version 247 and Cockpit Machines version 246.

Metrics: Enable Grafana client setup

“Metrics settings”, introduced in Cockpit 245, has a new option to share Performance Co-Pilot data over the network. Enabling “export to network” enables a Redis data source with the pmproxy service.

metrics settings

If the machine uses firewalld, you can allow pmproxy in a particular zone afterwards:

metrics firewall zone selector

A remote Grafana instance can then read the machine’s metrics using the PCP Grafana plugin. More details are available on the PCP metrics feature page.

Machines: Share host files with the guest using virtiofs

Cockpit Machines can now share a host directory with a guest VM.

virtiofs powers this sharing feature, offering local file system semantics and performance. virtiofs has been available in mainline Linux 5.4, QEMU 5.0, and libvirt 6.2. Sharing host files is available only when these versions are met.

shared directories card

machines new shared directory dialog

Machines: Show list of pass-through devices

The virtual machines details page now shows the list of USB, PCI and SCSI host devices that are passed through to the guest VM.

machines host devices card

Try it out

Cockpit 247 and Cockpit Machines 246 are available now: