cockpit.js: Object Cache

cockpit.js: Object Cache — Caching and sharing data


If the same information is displayed by multiple components in Cockpit, cockpit.cache() provides a way to share data between them. The shared data should be simple objects, arrays, and values, and not contain functions or other objects.


cache = cockpit.cache(key, provider, consumer)

Create a new cache object. The key should be a globally unique string that describes the data being cached. This string must describe the data, across all machines and all versions of cockpit. It is customary to include a version number in the key string.

function provider(result, key) {

    return {
        close: function() {
            /* closed */

The provider is a function that will be invoked to start retrieving data for the cache. It will be passed a result function as its first argument. The result should be invoked whenever new data is available. The key argument matches the key string the cache was created with.

The provider can return an object with a close method. This method will be invoked when the cache no longer needs data from the provider.

function consumer(value, key) {
    /* ... */

The consumer is a function that will be passed new values when they are available, whether they come from the provider or a source in a different component/frame.



Close a cache and stop calling its consumer. If the provider was invoked, then the close() method it returned will be invoked.