Cockpit documentation


To get Cockpit installed and running on your system, follow the instructions on the installation and running page.

After Cockpit is running, visit ip-address-of-machine:9090 in your web browser. If your browser is on the same machine where Cockpit is running, then visit localhost:9090 (for example).


The Red Hat Customer Portal product documentation pages document how to use the “web console” (another name for Cockpit). While this is specifically for the version of Cockpit that ships in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the interface and its usage is similar on other distributions where the Cockpit web console exists.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 documentation

The documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is the most up-to-date.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 documentation

While this documentation is for an older version of Cockpit, most is still current enough and there may be more detailed information:

SUSE ALP documentation

Cockpit Guide

The Cockpit guide contains:

  1. Deployment guide with everything you need to know about deployment beyond what’s covered on the installation page.
  2. Feature internals cover the parts of the system Cockpit communicates with.
  3. Developer guide contains topics such as embedding and integrating Cockpit, packages, and the Cockpit API.

More developer-focused resources are on the contribute page.

Additional help