Cockpit 283

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 283 and cockpit-machines 281:

Services: Create timer to run every minute

In the Timers part of Services page, the create timer dialog can create systemd timers to run in “minutely” mode, which runs a command every minute on the specified second.

Huge thanks to Daniel Haas (dphaas2004) for this feature!

screenshot of create timer to run every minute

Machines: Summarize system and user session differences

There are several differences when running a virtual machine at the system level versus running a VM in a user session. Cockpit Machines now explains the pros and cons of each inside a popup in the Create VM modal dialog.

screenshot of summarize system and user session differences

Machines: Virtual watchdog device support

Watchdog devices are typically hardware devices that work with an operating system to reboot a machine with it stops responding.

Cockpit Machines now has support for adding a virtual software-based watchdog device to a machine.

Please note that the watchdog device also needs to be configured within the guest operating system to be used.

screenshot of virtual watchdog device support

Try it out

Cockpit 283 and cockpit-machines 281 are available now:

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