Cockpit 279

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Here are the release notes from Cockpit 279 and cockpit-machines 277:

Dark mode support

Cockpit now switches to a dark theme when system dark mode is enabled.

While many people just think it looks cool, dark mode is also an accessibility setting which helps people with various eyesight conditions and migraines. Dark mode can be easier to use in a dark environment as well.

light to dark animation

Most modern desktops and operating systems have system-level controls to switch between light and dark modes.

Allow TRIM/UNMAP requests by default for newly added disks

“Trim” is a method to reduce space used by data on a disk.

When creating a new VM or adding a new disk to a VM, Cockpit Machines configures libvirt to respect an operating system’s trim commands.

Please note that this change only allows trim requests to be sent. It doesn’t set up any periodic trim mechanism. Most Linux distributions are already set up to send trim commands for SSDs and disk images by default. Other recent versions of operating systems, such as Windows, also sends trim commands. Some older operating systems and distributions do not send trim and would require manual configuration to use this space-saving option.

Insert and eject CD & DVD media

CD and DVD media can be inserted and ejected while a VM is running.

Screenshot from 2022-11-03 00-44-56

Screenshot from 2022-11-03 00-47-06

Try it out

Cockpit 279 and cockpit-machines 277 are available now:

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