Cockpit 216

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 216.

SELinux: Automatic application of solutions that set booleans

The SELinux page can now automatically apply solutions that set SELinux booleans.

Apply this solution

In addition, command lines in solution details are now formatted properly.

Machines: Drop virsh backend support

This release drops virsh backend support from the Machines page and switches to using libvirt-dbus exclusively. As a result, as of this release, cockpit-machines is no longer supported on Ubuntu 18.04.

Overview: New “last login” banner

Similar to text logins at the console, or via SSH, Cockpit now displays a banner showing the last successful login. If there have been failed login attempts, the number of attempts and the time of the most recent failed attempt will be shown as well.

Last login banner

A side-effect of this work is that Cockpit now correctly updates /var/log/lastlog (the record of last login times) and btmp (the record of failed login attempts).

Try it out

Cockpit 216 is available now: