Cockpit 213

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 213.

Inline documentation

Cockpit has started to include documentation for specific features, such as network bonds.

Feature documentation

We plan to expand this in the future and add many more short documentation popups.

Support for transient virtual machines

Not all operations make sense for transient virtual machines, and Cockpit is now aware of that.

Transient virtual machines

Virtual machines can now use UEFI

Cockpit now supports selecting UEFI as the firmware for a new virtual machine. This needs to be done before the first boot of that machine.

Firmware selection

Unattended virtual machine installation

When creating a virtual machine with a supported OS, Cockpit can install and configure that OS automatically, without requiring interactions.

Unattended installation

Try it out

Cockpit 213 is available now: