Cockpit 206 and Cockpit-podman 10

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Machines: Network interface deletion

Network interfaces can now be removed from virtual machines.

Machines NIC deletion

login: Reuse password by default

For operations that change system state and for troubleshouting Cockpit needs administrative rights, so make reusing the password for privileged tasks the default.

login reuse password checkbox is checked

Firewall: Prevent accidental deletion

A confirmation now appears when removing zones and the Cockpit service.

In addition to making the interface less volatile, Cockpit will warn you when you’re removing the cockpit service or a zone which contains the Cockpit service, as these could impact your current connection.

Firewall removing a zone warns you

Furthermore, in order to avoid accidentally locking yourself out, Cockpit will automatically add itself to all newly-created zones.

Podman: User containers

The Cockpit-podman page now has support for user containers. These do not require administrative privileges to run.

Cockpit podman user containers

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Cockpit 206 and Cockpit-podman 10 are available now: