Cockpit 201

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly.

Machines: VM creation changes

Creating a VM by importing an existing disk has been moved to a separate dialog.

Machines creating a VM by importing an existing disk

The Operating System input field is now mandatory; this allows the guest device assignment to be optimized, leading to better performance.

Machines OS mandatory input

The storage size input field has to be at least the required minimum by the VM’s OS.

Machines storage input lower

Machines: Enable interface type “direct” in NIC configuration

It’s now possible to directly attach the VM’s NIC to the specified physical interface of the host.

Machines direct interface type

systemd: Add more actions to services

It’s now again possible to stop a service, without disabling it. Reloading is now available only when the service allows it.

Furthermore, disabling or masking a service removes any lingering “failed” state, reducing noise.

Services more actions for services

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