Cockpit 200

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. This is version Two Hundred, prepared for you live and in person from the Cockpit team sprint in Berlin!

Machines: Type-ahead OS selection

In the VM creation dialog, OS vendor and product dropdowns have been replaced by a singular “Operating System” selector. The new dropdown is keyboard-friendly and supports auto-completion.

Machines typeahead OS selection

Machines: Create LVM storage pools

Storage pools using LVM can be created on the Machines page.

Machines LVM storage pools

Machines: Create virtual networks

Virtual networks can now be created on the Virtual Machines page. These are used for connecting VMs with each other and/or to the host, or isolating different groups of VMs from each other.

Machines create network

Networking: Show included firewalld services

firewalld 0.7.1 introduces the concept of services that include other services. Cockpit’s Firewall page shows these:

Firewall included services

Web server: Split out TLS handling

This release introduces cockpit-tls, a TLS terminating HTTP proxy that runs in front of cockpit-ws.

At the moment, cockpit-tls does not provide additional features over using cockpit-ws directly (other than better isolation), but it sets up a basis for future work, such as supporting smart card authentication.

This change is expected to be transparent to users. Please report issues if you encounter any page loading failures, stalls, or similar networking issues!

Try it out

Cockpit 200 is available now: