Cockpit 195

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 195.

Simplified support for external TLS termination

It’s now easier to configure Cockpit’s web server cockpit-ws to run behind a TLS termination proxy. If the proxy runs on the same machine, then cockpit-ws can be run with the new --for-tls-proxy option, which will adjust the allowed Origins and Content-Security-Policy to https:// URLs. With this option, it’s no longer necessary to explicitly configure cockpit.conf.

Firewall: More support for zones

In addition to the support for adding services to specific zones in the last release, the firewall page now allows adding and removing of the zones themselves.

Adding firewall zones

Machines: Additional storage options

During virtual machine creation it is now possible to select the storage pool to use for the machine.

Select storage pool during machine creation

It is now also possible to create a storage pool using a physical disk device as the backing store.

Create storage pool on physical disk device

Finally, it is now possible to configure the disk cache policy when adding storage devices to virtual machines.

Adjust virtual machine disk cache policy

Machines: Support for changing memory allocation

The Machines page also gained support for changing the current and maximum memory allocations of a virtual machine.

Adjust virtual machine memory allocation

Storage: Select encryption type separately from filesystem

The selection of the filesystem type and filesystem encryption options have been uncoupled on the storage page, allowing for the use of LUKS with filesystems other than ext4 and xfs.

New encryption option

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Cockpit 195 is available now: