Cockpit 190

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 190.

Logs: Filter log entries by service

Filtering logs by service

The Logs page now allows you to only view the logs for a specific service.

Machines: Support for Pausing/Resuming VMs

Pause and Resume operations for VMs

You can now pause a running VM or resume a paused a VM.

Thanks to Simon Kobyda for this feature!

Machines: Make Autostart property of a Virtual Network configurable

Autostart property for Virtual Networks

Thanks to Simon Kobyda for this feature!

Machines: Support for creating VM with option to boot from PXE

You can now choose Network boot when creating a new VM. Supported sources are libvirt Virtual Networks and host network devices used with direct assignment.

Create VM with Network boot

Accessibility improvements

Dropdowns in all pages are now properly accessible and allow keyboard navigation.

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Cockpit 190 is available now: