Cockpit 188

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 188.

Machines: Show Storage Volume user

The volume details on the “Storage Pool” page now show which libvirt domains (virtual machines) use that volume.

Storage Volume User

Machines: Autostart configuration

The VM details now have a new check box for enabling or disabling automatic startup when the host boots.

Machines Autostart configuration

Thanks to Simon Kobyda for this feature!

Terminal: Themes and context menu

The Terminal can now copy and paste text via the new context menu or by using key combinations (Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert).

You can now chose between four colour themes: white-on-black (the default), black-on-white, and light or dark Solarized.

Terminal theme and context menu

Storage: Responsive dialogs

All dialogs on the Storage page now adjust their layout to small and mobile browser windows. This is part of an ongoing process to improve layout across all of Cockpit.

Mobile NFS mount dialog

Software Updates: Show three most recent updates

The Update History was redesigned to show the three most recent updates and a package count. This design allows other information and features (such as snapshots) to be integrated in the future.

Update history table

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Cockpit 188 is available now: