Cockpit 183

Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 183.

Machines: Manage storage pools

The Machines page now shows existing VM storage pools, and can also create new pools. This currently supports pools on the local file system and on an NFS volume.

Thanks to Katerina Koukiou for this feature!

Kernel Dump: Support non-local targets

The Kernel Dump page now recognizes all possible types of kdump locations in /etc/kdump.conf, such as raw disk devices or ext4 file systems. It can now graphically configure SSH and NFS targets:

kdump remote locations

Respect SSH configuration

When connecting to remote machines on the Login page or on the Dashboard, Cockpit now respects the global (/etc/ssh/ssh_config) and user’s (~/.ssh/config) SSH configuration files. As a result, host name aliases, different settings for ports, users, private keys, or ProxyCommand now take effect.

Now Cockpit’s SSH connections are consistent with the ssh command line program.

Never send Content-Length with chunked encoding

For some HTTP requests, Cockpit’s web server previously sent replies using chunked transfer encoding that contained a Content-Length: header field. This is forbidden by the HTTP specification and caused problems with some proxies (such as the test framework).

If you use Cockpit behind a proxy (forward or reverse) or any other non-trivial web server setup, and notice regressions with this version, please report an issue.

Try it out

Cockpit 183 is available now: