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Cockpit 134

Cockpit is now fully translatable

Cockpit 133

Cockpit supports alternate bridges via packages

Cockpit 130, 131 and 132

Cockpit supports configuring kdump and MAC addresses

Cockpit 128 and 129

Cockpit supports rebasing on Atomic Host with OSTree.

Cockpit 126 and 127

Cockpit shows container image security scan info.

Cockpit 125

Cockpit is properly translatable and displays OSTree signatures.

Cockpit 122

About bastion hosts and other highlights from version 122

Cockpit 121

Cockpit releases regularly. Network Checkpoints and other highlights from version 121

Cockpit 120

Cockpit releases regularly. Here’s highlights from 119 and 120

Cockpit 118

Cockpit releases regularly. Here’s highlights from 118