oVirt Virtual Machines

Cockpit can connect to oVirt REST API to extend Virtual Machines for oVirt-specifics, namely

Required oVirt version: 4.1.0

The machine running Cockpit must be configured as a host within the oVirt cluster.

CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) must be enabled on oVirt engine (not done by default):

$ ssh root@[ENGINE_FQDN] # log as `root` user in the oVirt engine machine
# engine-config -s CORSSupport=true # to turn on the CORS support for REST API
# engine-config -s CORSAllowDefaultOrigins=true # to allow CORS for all configured hosts
# systemctl restart ovirt-engine # to take effect

The URL of oVirt (or RHV - Red Hat Virtualization) API server must be manually provided, since it can't be determined automatically from a host.

To do so, please either


By any of the actions above, following files are generated: